We’re a couple of brand strategy consultants looking for a good challenge.

We worked for decades as agency pros, executives and entrepreneurs. Then we saw an opportunity to rise above the agency model as strategy consultants—focusing on making brands awesome and helping good people, unencumbered by massive teams or overhead.

Now as Bluegreen, we help tech and finance leaders with their most critical brand initiatives, in a lean copilot approach we adapt to their situation.

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Here’s what you can expect from Bluegreen:

We start fast.
Our vast experience and Quick Start process lets us ramp up quickly, keeping onboarding to a minimum.

We finish strong.
We deliver
strategies, concepts, and writing in ways you can use immediately. We execute powerfully and efficiently.

We think with you.
We apply
novel approaches to bring out your thinking at the right altitude. We help shape your vision and make it tangible.

We play well with others.
Senior execs and junior creatives, internal teams and
outside agencies—we enjoy working with anyone, in many roles.

We’re flexible.
Strategy through execution,
one-off workshops or long-term rollouts, own a piece or the whole damn thing. Your call.

We’re focused.
We’re all about
B2B brand strategy and communications. We don’t crank out heavily tactical or execution work, and we’re not anyone’s AOR.

We’re educational.
We’re happy to share our
tips, tricks, tools and templates. Our background in teaching and training pays dividends.

We’re connected.
We can bring additional top talent into the right engagements. Design or digital, research or coaching—our network is your network.

We guarantee delight.
Ask us about this. And then let’s get started.

We created Bluegreen because we like working with great companies and love shaping great brands.

Partner & Consultant

Charlene Gervais

Charlene loves taking on complex challenges and industries, which is why she’s always favored the world of B2B. She’s worked on brands big and small, renown and obscure, as both an outside expert and internal executive. Her favorite thing to do is assembling the right team, and seeing the efficiency and quality work that springs forth. At Bluegreen, she acts in multiple roles that span management and strategy.

Charlene has founded and co-owned various businesses ranging from 10–350 employees. The ones in marketing and branding were big successes. The ones in catering and aviation—well, we’ll call those learning experiences. 

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Partner & Creative Strategist

Shachar Meron

Shachar specializes in bringing shape to abstract thinking, bridging the worlds of brand strategy and creative writing. He spent 15 years in branding and marketing—mostly at B2B agencies (including his own), working on 100+ brands with a focus on tech, financial, and communications. He now teaches advertising and branding at University of Illinois, while taking on consulting projects that challenge and excite him.

Shachar’s professional path includes time as a business owner, University lecturer and academic director, entrepreneur, association founder, published cartoonist, political consultant and chess champion.

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We work best with B2B brand and marketing leaders whose ambition exceeds their bandwidth. Does this sound like you?

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