Workshops: mini-engagements with a massive impact.

You don’t need months to finish an important project. With clear goals, the right stakeholders, and expert facilitation, a virtual workshop can work wonders in 2-4 hours.

With Bluegreen to co-create the agenda, run exercises, and handle any pre- and post-work,  you can focus on being present and productive. And we can own it or partner behind the scenes. It’s your show.

With a tightly run workshop, you will align your team and spark a breakthrough in hours—not weeks.

What are you trying to achieve?

Messaging Workshop
When you have a complex offering or convoluted story. Helps articulate messaging that is focused, relevant, and adaptable.
See DIY Messaging: Tools & Tips >

Brand Architecture Workshop
When you have a messy, rigid, changing, or nonexistent architecture. Helps define a framework that sells and scales.
See our Brand Architecture Primer >

Naming Workshop
For a new company or product, or rebranding existing one. Define naming strategy and explore a starter list of names.
See our Crash Course in Naming >

Training & Education
For employees to learn new info, gain skills, understand change. May include training on new brand or story, content creation, process, sales, ideation, interactive & video modules.

Ask how our clients use workshops to solve one-off challenges or kickstart something bigger.

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