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Messaging consistency isn't sexy, but it sells

by Shachar Meron

brand messaging consistency

As published in Brandingmag.

When brand messaging is clear, it connects with people. When it's consistent too, it can become a real asset with measurable equity.

In January, I wrote a piece on brand messaging consistency for Brandingmag (an independent journal publishing thought leadership around branding). The article covers the benefits of consistent messaging, from filling the sales funnel to increasing conversion at point of sale. It also helps your third-party partners, influencers, and even employees serve as force multipliers.

"With Brand Messaging, Consistency Means Opportunity" – see the article in Brandingmag (January 24, 2022).

Messaging consistency needs and challenges

So if brand messaging consistency pays, why doesn't everyone do it?

Lots of reasons. It's not sexy. Entrepreneurial types and visionaries get bored easy, and sometimes lack interest or focus when it comes to day-to-day implementation.

Part of the problem is also alignment. Marketing leaders and sales reps use brand messaging in different ways, to address different audiences, formats, and needs.

And it's not enough to just be consistent – brand messaging should also be compelling. But great brand storytelling is a rare skill, one that takes guidance and practice.

brand stewardship
Consistent messaging requires solid brand guidelines. Not just having them, but also fleshing out the copy/voice section and practicing brand stewardship.

Making your brand messaging more consistent

In the Brandingmag article, I also cover five tips for better messaging consistency:

  1. Frame your messaging house (including sample message map frameworks)
  2. Show how it can flex (for different users, audiences, media)
  3. Benchmark tone of voice (without being jargony)
  4. Share ample examples (people love examples – ever see the "logo usage" section of guidelines?)
  5. Help your people own it (with training, fanfare, recognition, co-creation)
complex brand messaging
How do you handle messaging when what you do is complicated? We have an insight for that too.

We're planning to contribute to Brandingmag quarterly, with further insights on different areas of brand strategy. Plus it's just a great platform (we're biased of course, but doesn't make it any less true). Stay tuned for more.

Brand Messaging

by Shachar Meron


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