Brand rollout checklists to help with launch planning

by Charlene Gervais

We love a good checklist! And we've launched dozens of new brands and rebrand rollouts. Every brand launch is unique, but there are some common areas to consider—so we've packaged up a few thought starters and brand rollout checklists here for you.

After all, a comprehensive launch plan can make the difference between strategically leveraging the launch... or merely communicating a brand change.

Download the PDF for three starter checklists:

Checklist #1: launch communications. Map messaging and tactics for different audiences over time.

Checklist #2: conversion & creation. A new brand or rebrand comes with converting materials, or building a comprehensive library from scratch.

Checklist #3: brand stewardship. Because brand consistency doesn't happen by accident.

This downloadable PDF contains checklists and thought starters for planning a brand rollout.

Ready to get started? Download the checklists here:

Need more help? Let us know if you'd like to discuss a custom brand strategy workshop or need a brand co-pilot to help guide your launch.


by Charlene Gervais


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