Brand Messaging

DIY Messaging: tools and tips

by Shachar Meron

Messaging is hard, and well outside most people’s comfort zone. But it's also in our sweet spot—that happy place where strategy and writing meet.

So if it’s your job to define what makes a company special, here are some tips and a custom message map tool you can use to get started, plus a video walkthrough.

For starters we have a proprietary tool—the 3x3 Message Map—developed when working messaging for dozens of clients over more than a decade:

The 3x3 message map tool was created after other strategy tools (SWOT, positioning map) just weren't cutting it. It's particularly good at prioritizing messages by relevance (to customers) and differentiation (vs competitors).

This tool is great for determining which features/benefits/values make for good taking points, based on how strong and unique your product is, and how much your audience cares.

If you'd like help, check out our webinar video Unlock Your Uniques in One Hour or our writeup on messaging like a boss—covers some starting points and also warning signs. And you can always reach out for advice.

Messaging can help you achieve a lot, like repositioning your brand for a disrupted industry or evolving your business for a new generation. It pays to do it right.

Brand Messaging

by Shachar Meron


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