Brand messaging

Bold brand messaging for a crypto trailblazer

Bluegreen helped transform brand messaging for CEX.IO: a pioneer cryptocurrency exchange advancing into new territory. With a compelling story and distinct voice, the company is navigating a disrupted global marketplace from a position of strength.

Project highlights

Brand messaging for multiple global markets and audiences
Defining a differentiated brand persona and tone of voice

Copywriting—from boilerplate to corporate narrative to marketing
Brand Blueprint: a comprehensive toolkit to guide content creators
Training for the C-suite and content creators

The crossroads of finance and technology

A complex and fluid industry. Multifaceted audiences and offerings. Intensive competition and regulation. These are some of the most challenging conditions for brand messaging. And as one of the original cryptocurrency exchanges, CEX.IO has them all.

Our work began by immersing in the global digital asset economy. We researched a range of audiences, audited their brand communications, and assessed established and emerging competitors. We also continually workshopped their team to shape strategy and build alignment.

Customer journey meets origin story

We built the CEX.IO company narrative around how they guide the crypto journey, and linked it to their uniquely amazing founder’s story. This gave their brand messaging the flexibility to adapt for various products, geographies, and audiences, while staying true to who they are.

We also established a brand persona and voice that help CEX.IO communications resonate in a turbulent marketplace. As a seasoned explorer that knows the crypto landscape (and even helped shape it), they now help people get where they want with crypto—and back.

Many communications, one voice

Beyond establishing brand strategy and messaging guidelines, we developed written content for a spectrum of applications. This varied from straightforward communications like company boilerplate and elevator pitches, to creative web and marketing copy.

This was all clearly laid out in their new Brand Story Guidebook: a custom Brand Blueprint featuring (and explaining) core brand elements plus detailed writing guidelines and samples.

Brand training in three tiers

We developed a targeted rollout plan across three levels of the company: hands-on training workshop with content creators, facilitated strategic discussion with leadership, and a high-level showcase for the rest of the company.

This targeted approach gave each internal audience just the right balance of education and empowerment, to ensure the new brand story took hold. All to equip CEX.IO as they moved forward with expanding their offerings and seizing new opportunities.

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