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Five ways to make your brand strategy accessible

by Shachar Meron

make your brand strategy accessible

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Companies put a lot of time and money, heart and soul into their brands. Yet most employees couldn't tell you what their organization stands for or makes it different.

When you make brand strategy more accessible, you bridge the gap between good ideas and good outcomes.

make your brand strategy accessible
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What does "accessible brand strategy" even mean?

Making brand strategy accessible means making it approachable and actionable to the very people you need to get it: executives, sales teams, marketing, content creators, partners, and others.

Brand strategy is more accessible (and powerful) when it’s easier to understand, remember, and act upon.

Using tools like a Brand Blueprint can help organize and communicate brand strategy. See more on what goes into a Brand Blueprint and how to build one yourself.

Five tips to make brand strategy more accessible

Keep it simple. People have short attention spans, so minimize the number of elements in your brand strategy. Get right to the point: fewer words, more visuals.

Educate through examples. A concept doesn't click until people see examples: written samples for content creators, case studies for sales reps, etc. 

Ditch the jargon. When talking with civilians, speak human. If you must cover technical concepts, define terms upfront. Never say utilize when use will do.” 

Make training hands on. Key employees need to see how it applies to their own day-to-day. Let them try it out for themselves in tailored workshops.

Use channels of least resistance. Sometimes “accessibility” really just means more convenient access. Don't make them work for it.

corporate rebrand
See more specific examples of effective and creative ways to engage your internal audiences (notably around managing a corporate rebrand).

An accessible strategy is an actionable strategy

With a clear understanding of your mission and messaging, values and voice, almost anyone at your organization can do their job better.

A little accessibility goes a long way. 

Brand Strategy

by Shachar Meron


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