Talking brand transformation at AMA BrandSmart

by Shachar Meron

This spring, I was a featured speaker at BrandSmart: the longest brand marketing conference in the U.S., hosted by the American Marketing Association. Together with longtime collaborator Rachel Klein (VP Global Brand at TransUnion), our presentation covered strategies, stories and tips on the topic of brand transformation and rebranding.

Here's the video if you missed it (clocks in just under 30 minutes):

Brand Transformation: Singular purpose, infinite adaptability | Transunion & Bluegreen Branding from AMA Chicago on Vimeo.

And if you're more of a reader than a watcher, here's a recap of what we covered:

Brand transformation: singular purpose, infinite adaptability

Resilient brands are made of two key elements: a clear purpose that stays consistent over time, and a flexible strategy built to navigate disruption and change in the long run. These complementary principles come together to help brands evolve while staying true to themselves.

In this presentation, we got into the relationship between brand strategy and business strategy, and how brand transformation is best achieved when those stay closely connected. We also shared our experiences transforming the TransUnion brand over the past decade: unearthing purpose, pivoting on positioning, rearchitecting offerings, and engineering a global rollout in phases.

Three tips for successful brand transformation

1. Brand strategy follows business strategy
Sometimes brands change a little, sometimes a lot. Just make sure any transformation of your brand is something that reflects and supports a comparable shift in business strategy, not just change for change's sake. Rebranding can't fix a business problem. And don't get too far ahead of yourself with communications – first be the change, then announce it.

2. Tap into the reptilian brain
Brand articulation should always be authentic and clear – but also emotional in order to resonate with people. So write up your key language with a little character to make that leap from a PPT slide to a company rally cry. TransUnion's purpose of "Information for Good" clicks with employees, which makes it more memorable and repeatable. A brand is more of of song than a memo.

3. Alignment makes transformation stick
Brand transformation is a complex, multifaceted process that involves many parties and moving parts. So getting the approvals and resources you need will require alignment and coordination, and often a champion at the organization to shepherd it through. That's especially true for bolder, more extensive rebranding; if it scares people a little, it could mean you're on the right track.

We've worked with Rachel as both agency co-strategists and client-consultant relationships, so you get stories and advice from multiple perspectives!


by Shachar Meron


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