Brand Architecture

Connecting the dots with brand architecture

AVIA is a healthcare advisory that engaged Bluegreen to help message and market their health tech marketplace. As a new platform encumbered by an old brand name, we clarified brand architecture first—and then everything else fell into place.

Project highlights

Clarified brand architecture framework for a new digital health platform
Led to a name change, and impacted visual identity and copywriting
Laid out in Brand Blueprint alongside positioning, messaging, tone of voice
Sped up the process and strengthened the company master brand

Brand architecture set the stage for a successful product launch

AVIA follows a Masterbrand framework for their offerings. But AVIA Connect used a different naming strategy and visual treatment, which meant extra work for sales and marketing communications. This special treatment also risked confusion around what AVIA Connect was exactly, and whether it was part of the same company as AVIA.

Before starting on brand strategy and copywriting, we mapped out an architecture matrix of Connect vs its fellow offerings and the company brand. We then confirmed where to defer to the company brand (e.g. mission, naming structure, visual identity guidelines) and where to differentiate (messaging, tone of voice). This step sped up the process and focused resources.

New brand name for tighter communications and better fit

Once we clarified the framework, it was clear the name needed to change. The descriptive “AVIA Marketplace” was deemed a better fit for their portfolio, and made messaging quicker and copywriting shorter. A new name also made it easier to communicate to past Connect users this is a new product launch, not a rebrand.

Reaffirming the Masterbrand framework also removed the need for additional design work, as AVIA Marketplace will follow the AVIA company design guidelines. And it led to new opportunities to expand the AVIA brand as a whole.

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