Brand Messaging

Brand messaging strategy made easy

by Shachar Meron

This recorded webinar, Unlock Your Uniques in One Hour, covers brand messaging strategy. Our primary tool is the 3x3 Message Map, which helps you identify, organize, and leverage key differentiators (or "Uniques"). And now we're sharing these brand messaging strategy resources with you.

Download the webinar presentation deck:


Watch the webinar video recording:


This webinar was designed to help companies zero in on what makes them truly unique and shape that into a compelling messaging strategy. We've found existing tools and approaches often fall short, so we developed a custom tool to share with you.

It’s been used successfully by dozens of companies and a handful of strategy firms, and is even taught in university strategy courses. Yet it’s surprisingly simple to use.

You’ll never look at messaging strategy the same way again. 


Brand Messaging

by Shachar Meron


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