Product launch

Brand blueprint for health tech new product launch

Bluegreen shaped brand strategy, communications, and creative copy for AVIA Marketplace: a first-of-its-kind platform where health systems research and select digital solutions. Part new product launch, part company brand extension, all kinds of rewarding.

Project highlights

Positioning and messaging a digital marketplace platform
Defining a distinctive brand persona and tone of voice
Copywriting – from boilerplate to elevator pitch to creative headlines
Brand Blueprint: a comprehensive toolkit to guide content creators

The brand manifesto serves as a rally cry for the team, connecting the new product to the company mission.

A new product launch to advance a vital industry

AVIA is a company and community on a mission to accelerate digital transformation in healthcare. They saw an opportunity to further their mission by developing a self-serve platform, improving access by connecting health tech providers with healthcare systems and hospitals.

AVIA needed help positioning and communicating this platform, and a how-to manual for their team to create content moving forward.

Positioning and messaging focused on two audiences, addressing both sides of the health tech marketplace.

Buyers and sellers: two sides of the same marketplace

AVIA Marketplace needs to attract healthcare providers and tech vendors in equal measure. So what comes first, the chicken or the egg? To develop a product brand strategy that extends the platform on all sides, we explored the distinct needs of both audiences, and the gap in a growing health tech space.

This began by clarifying their brand architecture, a vital first step with its own unique challenges. So the new product launch could best leverage and support the AVIA company brand.

Making the process adaptable and accessible

We worked closely with an engaged, multidisciplinary AVIA team, which made the work great but scheduling tricky. So we adapted our process for maximum flexibility on sharing progress and feedback, while using meetings more for collaboration and big picture. At the same time, iterative deliverables with clear asks made the work easier to respond to at each stage.

We gave the client a full spectrum of copywriting for various touchpoints, ranging from functional to emotional.

A full spectrum of copywriting

Workshops on messaging and persona helped define talking points and tone of voice. From there we developed a wide and deep collection of writing: foundational copy, creative headlines, marketing content. We even tailored messages to current AVIA Members and employees.

And because of the land-and-expand launch strategy, we mapped out how to write for each stage of the platform’s evolution. So when AVIA Marketplace enters new markets, the voice and message may change, but it always feels like one clear brand.

A brand blueprint that syncs with company brand guidelines

We delivered a final Brand Blueprint: an internal resource for content creators, defining how to communicate and market the platform. It offers a comprehensive (yet browsable) picture of the product brand strategy, including some education around each element and how they’re used in relation to overall AVIA brand guidelines.

And to go with their new library of language, we developed detailed guidelines on how to dial in message and tone. So their team was equipped to create content well into the future.

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